Sunday, 12 October 2014

Natural Food to reduce Stress and Anxiety

Sometimes without thinking we  just eat to forget about our stress and anxiety. At the same time it doesn't apply to all. Some people simply stop eating due to stress as they don't feel hungry when stressed. But it is true that certain type of food can help you to reduce your stress level. Many Scientists have said previously that if you have good control over your diet and body then you have a good control on everything. To be able to achieve that one needs to have a good habitual diet. Here are some few foods which can help reduce your stress and anxiety.

Cashews: Cashew nuts are counted as one of the best source for linolelic acid (LA). It helps to reduce your blood pressure. It also contains oleic acid which helps to keep you blood vessels clean and reduces risk of heart diseases. Finally most important component is zinc which keeps the entire nervous system of the body clam and healthy.

OAT:  Oat is a very healthy food item. It is full of fibers and provides many sort of vitamins to human body.It helps create serotonin in the brain which is a good anti oxidant. It has been noted as one of the component which makes you feel good. Regular intake of Oat can lead to a alltime feel good mood.

Oranges: We all know how good Oranges are for human body. It is full of Vitamin C. Whenever you are tired, a little bit of orange juice can freshen you up in no time. It helps to reduce cholesterol level in your body which in turn reduces the risk of heart diseases. It also helps to keep your kidneys healthy. A healthy body always helps to keep a healthy mind.

Garlic: It is full of anti oxidant and helps the body to keep away from many diseases. In stressful time body tends to get vulnerable and prone to many germs. Regular intake of Garlic through various foods makes the defence system strong. In stressful time one tends to have high blood pressure. Garlic helps to control the level of blood pressure.

Walnut: Walnut contains many important components like linolelic acid, omega 3 fatty acid and many other poly-phenol. All these helps to increase your thinking power and helps to reduce stress. It is easily available all over the world. Having once in a while can really strengthen your mental fitness.

There are many other natural food components available which can help us to reduce our stress in day to day life. A healthy body can fight anything. Those little things can help us grow healthy and stronger in our everyday life.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Natural Diet To Look Younger

You will be surprised if I tell you that the food you eat can really affect the way your skin looks. Sometimes you meet people and if you had to make a guess about their ages, you will sometime get it wrong. Surprisingly you will get it wrong with a good margin with those people who are on a wrong diet. Wrong diet means they will eat all those wrong things instead of healthy stuff. Effects are mostly visible on their skin. Sometime you will see people that their skin is getting older than their age. Sometimes you will get shocked when people tell you their real age.

From ancient time people tried numerous things to look younger through out their life. Some times you will see advertisement of products which is claiming to make you look 10 year younger. But the secret really happens to be in your diet. Here are some foods which are by far most effective foods for younger looking skin from experts opinion.

Fish :
Now these days in western society, People are far away from a fish diet. Specially the kids don't even think about touching it. But in reality they are the best  source of Protein Leptin which controls many functions including appetite. Omega 3 fatty acid found in fish and they are most effective for wrinkle fighting at any given age. Honest suggestion, please do ask 10 people who look older than their age ; They don't have fish frequently enough in their diet for sure.

Don't get confused, I don't mean bacteria as a bad way. If you look at the evolution of our skin, the more we get old the more our skin gets sloppy. As a teenager your skin is at the top notch level. But after that it will slowly go off the mark. It is mostly due to your diet. As everything decreases, we need to to supplement our need from different sources like help in digestion of food. Try to add yogurt ( Good Bacteria) in your daily life after 35 to stay away from digestion problem.

Life with limited Alcohol: 
Many of us try to get most of our life by taking advantage of our body in a wrong way. Abusing our system with alcohol, smoke or even drugs doesn't help us at all to look younger. Your body can only take so much. Study suggests that continuous drinking keeps your skin dehydrated most of the time and gives you unwanted calories in a quick succession. Most damaging of all, It makes you look older than your real age prematurely.

Certain foods with Anti-oxidants:
 Many studies all around the world found that  intake of certain fruits and vegetables gives you anti-ageing chemicals to fight ageing process. Different body works different way, so it is a good idea to open yourself to as many fruits and vegetables you can.

Cut down on Salt:
Yes it is salt. Such an ingredient that goes always overlooked. We take it without even blinking as it doesn't come under any calorie counting map. It causes retention of water which makes you feel heavy and sluggish. It will also help your bloating problem if you cut down on salt. Think about all those ready meal we eat every now and then and amount of salt goes into our body through them. Also it is not good when you have high blood pressure.

There are many simple things out there we can do to keep us young and glowing forever. Such as skipping meals or go hungry for dietary reasons, concentrating on natural oil reach food, Whole grain is the way and many more. Try by trial and error to find your own way to look younger naturally through diet.