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Monday, 7 November 2011

How to treat thrush in Pregnancy!

It has been asked many times that why thrush occurs during Pregnancy?

Most of the time Pregnant women are vulnerable during their pregnancy and that's the time they get problems like thrush and other vaginal problems.It is due to naturally occurring bacteria which are in effect only because of pregnancy hormones. It is often called milk curd which coats vagina. Culprit behind this is a fungus called candida albicans. Strangely it only occurs naturally in the vagina but nowhere else. Research found that in other parts it is those good bacteria in our body which keeps everything in check.

In pregnancy, there is an increase production of a substance in our body called glycogen which allows in the vagina to causes more candida to grow and that is why unwanted thrush can develop.Normal symptoms of thrush are like itching and irritation and sometime a burning sensation.But fortunately thrush is not going to cause your baby any problems during pregnancy. It needs attention otherwise it may pass to your baby even if don't want it to happen.

Thrush can be transferred to your partner through sex. It is more common factor if you have gestational diabetes, which involves an excess of sugars.

How to prevent thrush?

Glycogen is a type of sugar so best thing to do is reduce your sugar consumption and foods which are sugary. Try to avoid getting to warm around genital area for example getting exercise allowing it to sweat. Wear loose underwear made of cotton, avoid lie in a hot bath for too long. Try avoiding heavy pants like jeans also light wear like tights for the time being.

There are some general guidelines like try avoiding strong soap around those affected areas, wash your clothes with biological powder, wash your genital area from front to back to avoid contaminating, never use a flannel to wash this area, as it may harbour germs from past occasions. Do not use deodorants in tthis area and if you go swimming  always wash and dry your swimsuit after every use.

Help Yourself Guide:

Yogurt is well known for its probotic culture which works as anti infective substance. Having yogurt regularly  will strengthen your immunity, also apply it around affected area.

Most of the women found that garlic may be effective in dealing with thrush and other vaginal infections. Start taking more garlic through your food.

Tea tree oil is the all time best for natural health. It can help you to fight thrush but be advised that it can also cause skin irritation. Try adding few drops in the bath, and if there are any additional symptoms of irritation - such as itching or redness then stop using the oil and wash the area with clean water.

Could complementary therapies can help me?

Homoeopathic remedies are always well known for side effect free treatment. Try to locate a qualified and registered practitioner  for treatment of thrush .Try to explain to the doctor exact symptoms properly as it could sometimes backfire due to wrong medications.

Other things like acupuncture may be worth trying as a means of rebalancing your internal energies to help but it will not actively treat the thrush condition.

Hope this helps.

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