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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Fiber Is The Best Protection For Diabetes And Heart Problems In Teenagers

Scientists say that the teenagers who eat enough of fiber-rich foods like whole grains, apples, cabbage, carrots, all sorts of berries, leafy greens and so on, have quite lower chances to suffer from such serious health conditions as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Those are the findings of a recent study conducted by a group of scientists at Michigan State University in East Lansing. The study, however, does not reveal any sort of clear connections between the opposite, or consuming too much fatty foods or high cholesterol levels in blood and metabolic syndrome in teenagers.
The specialists analyzed the daily diet of over 200 modern teenagers aged between 12 and 19, aiming to find the links between the diet and the most common signs of metabolic syndrome: high levels of bad cholesterol, low levels of good cholesterol and high blood pressure. It was found out that in total, about 6 per cent of the teenagers displayed obvious signs of metabolic syndrome, and those who usually consumed the less fiber (less than 3 g per 1000 calories) were among those.
For the teenagers who do not like eating foods rich in fiber, the risks of developing metabolic syndrome, which is in many cases followed by such complications as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and others, can go as high as 9 per cent. At the same time, those teenagers who eat increased amounts of fiber-rich foods (in average more than 11 g per 1000 calories), the risks of developing the mentioned health conditions can fall down to only 3 per cent.
“There has been quite a lot done on the link between exercise and metabolic syndrome, but not nutrition,”  says Dr. Joe Carlson, a head of the Division of Sports and Cardiovascular Nutrition and one of the study leaders. He stresses on the importance of eating a healthy diet for today’s teenagers, for their health and longevity. It is interesting that the received findings correspond greatly to the existing dietary guidelines and the recommended amounts of fiber consumption for teengers. In order to receive great results and maximize the effects of a proper fiber consumption, Dr. Carlson recommends every teenager to eat as much as two servings of whole grains, three servings of veggies and three servings of fruit every day. Read more about this interesting research in this month’s issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

An Excellent Source of Fiber for Lowering Cholesterol

Based on my investigations and ?field experience? (having run the gauntlet of supplement based remedies), I recommend that you consider a product called Bios Life 2 from a company called Unicity to help you lower your LDL cholesterol.
In food that lowers cholesterol, you learned about the ability of soluble fiber to lower LDL cholesterol by binding to it and allowing your body to expel it through bowel movements, a completely natural process. I like the Bios Life 2 product because it is a fiber supplement that has been specifically formulated to lower LDL cholesterol through the use of various sources of fiber. The scientists at Unicity have chosen to use a mix of soluble fiber sources, including guar gum fiber and fruit pectin, instead of only using only a single source such as psyllium husk or oat fiber. In a head-to-head comparison of Bios Life 2 vs. oat fiber source, the Bios Life fiber lowered LDL cholesterol by twice the amount as the oat fiber source (25 mg/dL for Bios Life 2 vs. 11 mg/dL for oat fiber). Here is the reference.
You can go to Unicity's website for additional product information and to purchase their products. I am told that you may not be able to actually order products there without a "Referring Associate ID number". I suggest you write this ID number down and enter it when you enter your shipping and billing information, should you decide to order ID# 97383701. To find out more about Bios Life 2, go to Unicity's website.
A few readers have told me that Unicity's site is a little confusing. Part of this confusion is that you should not be using the above ID number to log in to the site. You may need it when purchasing product, and only on the check out page asking you for your credit card and shipping information. Just find the product you wish to purchase, select the quantity on the drop-down menu, and hit the button for "Check Out". If you are still having problems, you can call Unicity's toll free order number: 800-864-2489 or you can contact me.
Bios Life 2 has been clinically trialed and proven to lower cholesterol in Type 2 diabetes patients (patients that have developed a problem controlling their blood sugar). While the trial did not contain non-diabetic patients, I suspect that the results should be similar. The main difference is that Type 2 diabetics have trouble controlling their blood sugar. Recall that controlling your blood sugar is another facet of a natural cholesterol treatment plan. Wow ? alternative healing techniques backed by scientific methodology. Products Based on Scientific Methodology
Unicity has a Medical Advisory Board comprised of practicing healthcare professionals and dieticians. Their Medical Advisory Board allows Unicity to present new science and formulations for review and trialing, to gather medical input and feedback in the research and development of their products. This is what put it over the top ? something that has been needed in alternative healing for some time.
Unicity Uses High Quality Pharmaceutical Standards
Unicity's manufacturing facilities use the FDA's drug GMP standards and have repeatedly received the highest scores given to nutritional supplement manufacturers by a leading independent quality audit firm, Shuster Laboratories, Inc. Their standards and testing of ingredients and formulations means that their products contain exactly what their labels say they contain, nothing more, nothing less. This was what initially sold me on the company.
Putting Their Money Where Their Mouth Is
Unicity actually backs its products by a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. I guess they really believe in their products.
You can go to Unicity's website for additional product information and to purchase their products. I am told that you may not be able to actually order products there without a "Referring Associate ID number". I suggest you write this ID number down and enter it as needed ID# 97383701. To find out more about Bios Life 2, go to Unicity's website Get ready to take The Natural Path to good heart health.