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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Natural Home Remedy For Dermatitis or Eczema

Skin is an important part of the body and for personality and look its value goes even higher. Millions of people will die for a better skin on any given day which goes to show how wanted this is. And Dermatitis or eczema is something which stops you to have a better skin.

 Starting with itches on the skin and little scratch to feel better. Slowly increasing the scratch will make the skin red and swollen, progressing forward to tiny, red, oozing bumps appear that eventually crust over.Keep scratching is the unbearable and uncontrollable solution, so the rash gets even more irritated and perhaps even infected. Eczema or Dermatitis is a skin condition which is inflammatory that produces lots of redness, blisters, scaling, thickening, flaking, crusting, weeping, color changes and itching that can be very annoying to cope with.


Our skin is very sensitive in nature so all the things we come close to might not be friends with our skin. Eczema or Dermatitis is the outcome of this disagreement of skin and the substance.It can be

  • an allergen - a substance that can cause the body to react abnormally
  • an irritant - a substance that damages the skin
An Allergen: 

Happens when you come into contact with an allergen that your body becomes sensitised to.Possible reaction for that is  itchy red rash (Dermatitis). Its developed due to your immune system reacts abnormally to the allergen.Immune system is the body’s natural defence system that  protects your body against illness and infection . During an allergic reaction, the immune system can attack healthy cells and tissue as well. This is what causes your skin to be sore and inflamed (red and swollen).

Common Allergen :

  • metals, such as nickel or cobalt in jewellery
  • cosmetics, such as fragrances, hair dye and nail varnish
  • preservatives, which are added to prevent germs growing inside a medicine - preservatives are often found in medicines that are available over the counter and in some prescribed creams
  • rubber, including latex, a type of naturally occurring rubber 
  • textiles, particularly the dyes and resins that are contained in them
  • strong adhesives (glue), such as epoxy resin adhesives
  • some plants, such as chrysanthemums, daffodils, tulips and primula
  • some topical medicines (medicines that are applied directly to the skin), such as topical corticosteroids and topical antibiotics 

Irritant contact dermatitis :

Irritant contact dermatitis occurs when your body comes into contact with an irritant. Your skin is damaged by the irritant, which causes a burning and stinging sensation as well as reddening and soreness.

Common Irritant:

  • detergents and soaps
  • perfumes and preservatives in toiletries or cosmetics
  • solvents and abrasives (materials used to grind or polish something)
  • oils used in machines 
  • some chemicals, such as disinfectants 
  • acids and alkalis
  • cement
  • powders
  • water, especially hard, chalky water or heavily chlorinated water
  • dust
  • soil
  • some plants, such as anemone, clematis, ranunculus, helleboros and mustards


Before  moving into remedy one things needs to be clear is that prevention is better than cure. If you can figure out what is affecting you this eczema , it will be lot easier to just avoid it. If you don't know what it is causing this rash then just keep and an eye open and keep in mind all those common substance and irritant for reference.
  • Old and suitable remedy which is going for thousands of years is get your skin cleaned  and then apply turmeric and water mix (thick mix) for 10 minutes on affected area. Specially in asia people do this as a method of keeping their skin beautiful and they do it on whole body.
  • Use a lotion made out of blueberry leaves this is proven to be fantastic relieving inflammation of dermatitis.
  • Use coconut oil overnight on the affected area. It soothes the affected area quick and fast.
  • Application of aloe vera gel, Vitamin E oil, Cod liver oil is very effective for treating eczema quick.
  • As always tea tree oil moves the process of curing eczema (dermatitis) in top Que. Another use of tea is popular for eczema is using freshly used tea bag on affected area and letting it dry over it.
  •  Vitamin B complex usually good for your skin. Taking them tablets could make your immune system stronger.
There are also hundreds of home remedy available out there. You have to choose what you think suitable for you. In extreme cases please do pay a visit to a dermatologist who can give you more details. perhaps you can figure out what causing you eczema in first place by taking some test at dermatologist.

Hope This Helps.

Tips: Make sure that you wash off all makeup at the end of the day, and use a cleanser that does not remove natural oils. You should also be very gentle with the facial skin when removing makeup.