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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Shoulder Pain Home Remedies

Shoulder Pain is one of the common problem we have in our regular life. It doesn't take much to get yourself shoulder pain. It could occur due to traumatic injuries, bone degeneration or simple as muscle strain. But as soon as you get it then starts the 3D picture. It reminds you that you have it with every movements of your body specially movements of arms or movement of your head stretching your neck and shoulder. Strangely most of the people get shoulder pain after they wake up  and obvious reason for that is you slept in a uncomfortable way putting your shoulder in a strain to cause you the pain.

Other reasons which are general like working hard and putting lots of strain on your shoulder and neck will lead to a definite shoulder and neck pain. Now there are few facts to be noted before you generalize your pain as one off pain. You would be wrong if you do that. From little stretch to cuff tear is possible, so to understand the depth a proper diagnosis is important. Some causes like

Bursitis | Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
The most common diagnosis in patients with shoulder pain is bursitis or tendonitis of the rotator cuff.

Rotator Cuff Tear
Rotator cuff tears occur when the tendons of the rotator cuff separate from the bone. Surgery is sometimes necessary for this condition.

Frozen Shoulder
Also called 'adhesive capsuliitis,' this is a common condition that leads to stiffness of the joint. Physical therapy and stretching are extremely important aspects of treatment.

Calcific Tendonitis
Calcific tendonitis is a condition of calcium deposits within a tendon -- most commonly within the rotator cuff tendons. Treatment of calcific tendonitis depends on the extent of symptoms.

Shoulder Instability
Instability is a problem that causes a loose joint. Instability can be caused by a traumatic injury (dislocation), or may be a developed condition.

Shoulder Dislocation
A dislocation is an injury that occurs when the top of the arm bone becomes disconnected from the scapula.

Shoulder Separation
Also called an AC separation, these injuries are the result of a disruption of the acromioclavicular joint. This is a very different injury from a dislocation!

Labral Tear
There are several patterns of a torn labrum and the type of treatment depends on the specific injury.

SLAP Lesion
The SLAP lesion is also a type of labral tear. The most common cause is a fall onto an outstretched hand.

Shoulder arthritis is less common than knee and hip arthritis, but when severe may require a joint replacement surgery.

Biceps Tendon Rupture
A proximal biceps tendon rupture occurs when the tendon of the biceps muscle ruptures near the joint.

Seeking medical advice is recommended before you proceed for any of the mentioned treatments here. Not all the home remedies are appropriate for all the conditions but as general it would help you to get some comfort.

  • Try a hot water bag for a quick relief. Heat relaxes your muscle and it will give you a quick remedy of your pain.
  • Another quick solution for quick time is ice. This remedy also reduces pain for quick time to help you relax for a short period.
  • Little exercise will help you loosen up your muscles.Physical therapists use different modalities to increase strength, regain mobility, and help return patients to their pre-injury level of activity.
  • Another advice given by everyone including doctors is relax and don't put anymore stress on your shoulder unless you have to.
  • Deep breathing slows your heart rate and helps you focus your attention on something other than the source of your stress. When combined with massage, deep breathing can relax tight muscles and relieve pain. Inhale through your nose until your lungs are completely full and then exhale slowly through your mouth.
  • Similar to heat and ice is a hot bath or shower. Hot water relieves stress-related pain by releasing tight muscles. Your water should be slightly warmer than your body temperature what you can tolerate. Add a handful of Epsom salt to bath water to further ease stress and relieve muscle aches.

Apart from this remedies you will find plenty of advice going around. You should apply them if you are comfortable with.

Hope this Helps.