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Monday, 14 November 2011

Organic Meats and Organic Dairy Products

Organic Products gaining popularity day by day in conscious society. It is made clear to them that Consuming organic meat, organic dairy , organic fish farmed in small quantity are the best healthier option to them.Now general question to be asked is Why consuming organic meat and farm raised fish? All meats are same in nature irrespective of organic or not. Even after you trim off excess unwanted fat, fat resides intermingled in the muscle fibre. Although you may not be able to observe it. It is publicized that  fat intake is bad for health, it is the fat where toxins are stored.

 All kind of medication are given to our cattle for hormone growth which includes antibiotics as well. Other hand every kind of heavy metal pollutants that contaminate the ocean which gets into the ocean fish and stored. This rate is even higher especially when caught near the shore. Consuming organic meat makes sure that you are not getting any unwanted dose of antibiotics and growth hormones with your meat intake. It is even better if you can eat European certified organic farm raised fish. It allows you to have peace of mind and saves you  from pollutant.

There is an universal truth that nothing is good when it is done excessively. Organic or not, eating too much meat can cause various health problems. It contains too much protein and taking too much protein can cause acidosis. It is a condition where the acidity of the body increases than usual.

Despite all that it is suggested that taking organic meat and dairy product helps you to stay healthy. Now there is question to be asked how do you know it is organic or not? Usually the certification tells about the farm and verifies it production as organic. Although some times it is not verified. It is like your word and my believe. Also organic products are expensive comparing to normal product. Reason behind that is quality over quantity.

If it is fish you looking to buy then try to look for "European-certified organic" fish. US currently does not have any standard for Organic sea food. Another general idea is try to buy those fishes which are caught in deep ocean. Well i know sometimes it is hard to find out a fact like this (deep ocean or not).Also it is unclear actually what standard companies are using when claim their farm raised fish as organic. However,research  have shown that  "organic" farm raised fish in the US  both possess antibiotics and heavy metal contaminants. But Europe has always been strong standards in organic seafood for years. Alternative to certification is to  find fish caught in the deep ocean.

Dairy products also creates concern for consumer. Most of the time we even don't know that growth hormones and antibiotics are present in milk and specifically milk fat. And we don't know where we could end up consuming this contaminated dairy products. Till now the solution is drinking organic milk to avoid these undesired contaminants. In other words natural health only can be pursuit by consuming natural stuff.

Unless you live near an organic farm is hard to get the pure stuff. But now these days a superstore provides you most of the things if you are ready to pay the price. But still it is difficult to get raw, organic milk. If you start choosing like low fat then it is hard to get organic. Yes you can get organic in a superstore and low fat but not raw.

Homogenization is a process where combining the milk fat with the milk in such a way that it does not separate. This process was originally done because milk and milk fat would separate. This triggered certain containers of milk (specially more fat) to be purchased first. So the milk industry came up with homogenization.Personally i came across a study where homogenized milk was fed to calves.The result were that the calves were severely undernourished. This is a cruel practice.

Most healthiest form of milk is soured milk, known as yogurt. It  is made through cultivating certain kinds of good bacteria found in the milk. These bacteria make the milk lot easier for us to digest. As with milk products, always try to purchase organic yogurt. 

Healthy Animal Products good for natural Health:
Game meats (deer, elk, pheasant)
Organic eggs from free range chickens
Farmed fish that have scales and fins
Organic raw goat or cow milk (if available)
Organic beef, chicken, turkey, lamb and buffalo
Organic, pasteurized nofat milk
Organic soured milk product (e.g. yogurt )
Organic cheese
Organic butter

Animal Products to Avoid for natural Health:
Lunch meats (frankfurters, pepperoni, cold cuts)
Non organic beef, chicken and pork products
Non organic eggs
Non organic milk and milk products
Shellfish (crab, lobster, shrimp, scallops)
Bay water fish
Shark meat
Catfish and other scavengers
Eating organic meat, organic dairy products and farm raised fish is
The Natural Path to good health.

Hope this gives an idea for you to think before you choose.