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Friday, 5 July 2013

Nerve Pain Home Remedies

Living with nerve pain may be a long term situation. The treatment of neuropathic pain may take months or years and sometimes it gets better itself. Other types of nerve pain can be the same for years or get worst slowly with time. Some of the nerve pain can not be reversed.Your doctor is your best available therapies and treatments that can help with neuropathic pain. But you can also help yourself by taking care of your own.

The cause/reason of the nerve pain?

Neuropathic pain comes from nerve damage. In general it could be from medications side effects, diabetes status, drugs or side effects from chemotherapy or could be caused by injury.Damaged nerve is a reason for sending the pain signals where there are no other cause for it. It could lead you to for more serious problems, such as infection of the foot.Nerve pain causes are still a medical mystery. Researchers have identified a variety of nerves that can misfire, and this has led to finding treatments that can help many people.

However, surveys found that  most of the patients still have pain despite the best efforts by the professionals. If you're one of them, then you want to find relief beyond the conventional medication. Alternative approaches to try to improve their pain have shown a good results to help people reducing the pain.

Strategies for easing nerve pain

In addition to relieving pain, a self-care system and home treatment can prevent you from more serious problems to protect overall health. This may trigger the body's natural painkillers to boost health resistance and make you feel good.

Keep in control of your diabetes
 Do you have diabetes,if yes then try to keep blood sugar level under control. Normal blood sugar levels for diabetic nerve pain is the best possible treatment.

Walk the pain off
 Exercise releases endorphins, the natural painkillers in your body. Exercise also promotes good flow of blood to the nerves in the legs and feet. Health researchers believes that regular exercise will nourish  back legs, blood vessels, nerves and will create a long-lasting expansion of nerves. Gradually increase the speed and distance of your walking but start with a short distance daily walk.

Take Care of Your Feet
 Nerve pain in the feet affecting you then it is time to focus on the good foot care. Most of the times it means  injuries and infections. Wear comfortable shoes, check your feet daily, and reduce risk by seeing the podiatrist. No wounds or injuries to your feet are minor so consult with your doctor for advice.

Soak away the pain
A warm bath can be least expensive  home treatment for nerve pain. Warm water temporarily increases blood flow to the legs can also help ease the pressure. By measuring the water temperature with your hand before stepping in to avoid burns.

Happy hours avoidance
Heavy use of alcohol can affect the nerves by releasing toxins. There you can and still be able to avoid the nerve pain by reducing intake of Alcoholic beverages. Some experts advise four drinks or less per week is good enough.

Sleep it off
 Sleep disruption is more difficult to cope with when you are in pain. It will certainly make situation worse at night. Good sleep habits can help break the cycle. Eight hours of sleep , limited caffeine intake and reserved the bedroom for sleep and sex.

Burn it
Capsaicin cream. It is made from hot chili peppers which creates an uncomfortable burning sensation when applied to the sources. Some individuals already suffering from a painful condition, if they add it to the existing pain, it will help them. Those who stick with it for a week, often nerve pain showed improvement (and less burning).

Rub it
Some studies shown that botanical oils such as geranium oil can reduce the pain of postherpetic neuralgia. Other oils such as lavender oil, also can help take the mind off the pain nerves and help people relax.

Such technique like guided imagery, meditation, biofeedback, hypnosis are well known for pain relief.It can help with nerve pain and allow people live better. It can be challenging to find the right professional. Do your homework and get advice of your doctor for a referral (from someone you trust) to locate the right professional.

Hope this Helps