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Monday, 19 December 2011

Exercise for Neck and Shoulder Pain | Causes of Neck and Shoulder Pain

Regular exercise for neck and shoulder can help avoid chronic pain. Exercises for neck and shoulder pain can be of many different types. You can try basic stretches which can be done in a sitting or a standing position. Life today is such that you have to do exercises regularly so that the relief is not temporary. You can stretch your arms over your head, twist around and move your spine and even do 360 degree turns for your neck and head. If you have a job that demands constant sitting, get up every 20-30 minutes and take a short walk. Stretching your legs works the spine which in turn reduces the pressure on your shoulder too.
You can try meditation and breathing exercises or pranayama in yoga. Regulated deep breathing, done sitting correctly can really help your neck and shoulder muscles. Meditation can also help bring down stress levels to a great extent. The physical manifestation of stress is usually in the neck and the shoulder. You can also try asanas or poses like a modified downward dog pose or adho mukha svasana, side bending neck stretches, shoulder shrugs, shavasana or the corpse pose, garudasana or the eagle pose and virasana or the hero pose.
There are many neck and shoulder pain remedies that give relief but these are usually temporary in nature. You can try pills, ointments and creams, all of which give temporary relief to the pain and stiffness but eventually the pain returns. That is why exercise is such an important technique to get rid of neck and shoulder pain.
There can be many different causes of neck and shoulder pain. Anything from bad posture to severe whiplash and bone injury, all can cause chronic neck and shoulder pain. It is important to address the injury in the proper manner so that the injury and related pain does not affect you in a lifelong manner.
Symptoms of neck and shoulder pain include chronic pain, pain in neck, shoulders, arms and can even spread to the head. The pain can be dull, sharp, tingling or waxing and waning. Sometimes the arms can turn cold and even start changing colour. Such symptoms usually mean that the injury is much more severe and you need immediate medical treatment.
Treatment for neck and shoulder pain can be done in a variety of ways. You can try medication for temporary neck and shoulder pain. This form of treatment addresses the problem only temporarily. So if it is chronic pain, you should look at addressing it with other more sustainable forms of treatment. If you are suffering from chronic pain due to lifestyle choices, then attempt to change those choices by incorporating regular exercise and stretching, along with walking after being stationary for sometime. If your neck and shoulder pain is as a result of a big injury, you can take medication as a part-time solution but you should also bring it to the notice of the doctor.
Often physiotherapy is also a part of such long term treatments. Physiotherapy can work well with the muscles and will prevent long term and chronic neck and shoulder pain. Yoga and meditation also work well. Yoga is an easy treatment as such. It involves discipline and needs very little with it. It slowly builds strength into the damaged muscles, ensuring that you will not have it as a recurring problem. Sometimes prevention works best as a method of prevention. Change your lifestyle in time to ensure you do not suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain.