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Monday, 7 November 2011

Bloating Natural Remedies

Old saying is that prevention is better than cure, When your stomach is bloated then you are in desperate need of some bloating relief. Natural Home Remedies are the best way for instant bloating relief. Natural home remedies are side effect free and most of all it is available everywhere and anywhere whenever you need it.

My favourite natural bloating remedy is peppermint oil. Tea is the best option to take peppermint oil. Another way is just simply buy peppermint tea bags and make normal cup of tea with it for best results. It is suggested that you should leave it as it is for five minutes before drinking.

There is another way of having it like peppermint oil capsules. Peppermint oil is mostly effective in you lower intestine when it is in higher concentration.

Fennel tea drinking also works in bloating relief. While not as easy to get hold of as peppermint tea, fennel tea also helps relax the colon, reducing the symptoms of bloating, constipation and IBS.

Retention of water is another good reason behind bloating. Dandelion root is a timeless classic for helping the body getting rid of excess water.

Without a doubt water is been the all time best for bloating remedies. Drink lots of it regularly during the day. For strong and effective digestive system it is essential and it also helps you to flush out all the toxic from your body which is the cause of bloating.

Hope this Helps