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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Sunlight Usefulness in Asthma Treatment

Vitamin D in the sun light proved to be effective in preventing disease like asthma. It can play a vital role for people suffering with asthma. King's College London researchers after their latest findings said that the sun creates the vitamin - D in our body that helps in preventing asthma.This specific 'Allergy and Chemical immunology' report has been published in the Journal of the BBC.However, based on the results obtained from the study of asthma , the clinical trial on patients for treating with vitamin - D on experimental basis is  yet to start.

Asthma patients suffer due to the block in their breathing pipe.There are plenty of traditional medicine available for the treatment of many patients, but it does not work all the time.Members of the research team, said that in whose body vitamin D presence found more, they can easily keep asthma under control.

The study of the human body revealed that the chemical elements IL-17A  is important for human life. It helps the body to prevent infection but also at the same time exacerbate asthma. It gradually reduces responsiveness of chemical like steroids.Vitamin D significantly cut the production of IL-17A in cells and eventually help preventing asthma. With time we getting to know more about Vitamin D and  there are some growing evidence that D deficiency could be reason for some cancers.

As it is still a test process so trying to get some vitamin D straight from Sun can turn out to be dangerous. Some skin are very sensitive with Sun light and people do get sun burn easily. Even if you try it or it is normal course of your daily work life to be in the sun more, it is always better to use some sun cream.