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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Hair Care Home Remedies

Hair Care is the top most serious issue for most of the young people out there in todays world. You will see fancy hair style, cool designs with hair gel, traditional hair style and lots more. All these are only possible when you have your hair intact.To be able to do that there is billion dollar industry out there trying to convince you to buy different different products for your hair and for different different issues.

Dandruff, Hairloss, Dry hair, Oily hair you name it we are just not satisfied some how.we want everything in life to be perfect.To tell you truth i am not surprised now that why people do that.I personally suffered massive hair loss in short period of time. And turn out to be dandruff which is very hard to notice in my scalp. How is that possible? Well now you know drandruff can make you bald without showing itself. Probably because i used anti dandruff shampoo everyday.

Anyway lets move on to hair care.There are many issues can be picked for hair care.But here we are going to concentrate on general view and tradition which are running from generations to generations.

General Hair Care Home remedy:

  • For Hair Growth : It is widely known that there are few things which helps your naturally grow and prosper. Firstly raw egg massage into your hair and leave it for a while to settle down gives your hair enrichment it needs.
          Onion juice is another natural treatment which is easy to make and every household has it.Aloe vera,              
          Aloe Vera, Henna are greatly respected as friend of your hair.Finally hair oil. People may think it does
          not work but to tell you the truth it does in many ways. From keeping your head cool to nourishing 
          your hair, it does it all.
  • General Care: Simple things we could avoid easily like not to use hair dryer too much or too often, it really tortures your hair very much and kills natural shine. Try to avoid hair dye specially the cheap and harsh one. You can find organic hair dye. i know they are not that effective in longevity but really friendly with your hair.
  • General Care: Some people like to wash their hair few times in a day. Please do stop. It takes away the natural shine and washes of scalp making its natural course not to work.Only wash once a day which is the best course.
  • General Care: Shampoo we like too much. try not to do it everyday. once in every 3 days would be good idea. try different things like hair oil. I know professionally you may need you hair look good but atleast you can try on weekends or bank holidays.
  • Hair Loss: There could be thousands reasons for hair loss.Just to give you a view, Digestion problems. You wouldn't even thought that this even possible to be connected with hair loss. Coconut milk is the best source of hair nourishment. some amla oil and lemon mix will make your hair healthy as you want it to be. For hair loss you need to pin point the exact reason behind it. There are thousands of remedy for different different issues. You can cure it accordingly if know what you looking for.
  • Hair fall Prevention: Most of the time person knows why its falling. Some people  already knows that it will fall because it runs in the family, genetically you will have it too. But if you are not one of the unlucky ones try to follow some healthy guidelines like Food you need to avoid, foods you need to take. It is found that seed items are very good for hair. Like nuts. also found that leafy green vegetables are top most item for hair eg. spinach. which contains calcium, protein and iron which are undoubtedly necessity for best hair scalp.
  • Finally for general and for hair, please drink plenty of fluids ( water) as it is vital for your body so as for your hair.

Hope it helps.