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Monday, 28 January 2013

Home Remedy for Constipation

Home Remedy for constipation or you can Natural Remedy for Constipation, the title says it all. No one can make you believe any less how painful situation you are in unless you have suffered. To be honest as a disease or not all you of you atleast once in your life will go thorough this due to food habits or other health problems. Lets move on to facts and figures. In medical or i should say doctoral advice term anyone having less than 3 times bowl movement in a week is stated to have constipation. Usual symptoms are very dry stool, very small in size and finally difficult to get rid off. On top of all of this the main factor is mostly the pain associated with this process.

Causes For Constipation:

 There could be many reasons for constipation but few detected by medical services which are main for this.
  • Our food habit on a daily basis not containing enough fibre oriented food. eg wholemeal,granary,potatoes, beans,fruits, vegetables mainly which can be eaten including skins.
  • Lack of physical body operates better than a lazy one.
  • Excessive lexatives intakes
  • Colon and rectum problems causes constipation
  • Dehydration
  • Sudden change of life style eg, pregnant,travelling long time
  • Stoke
  • Problems with intestine.
  • others like milk, medications which chages your body mechanism to cause constipation someway.
Cures For Constipation :
 Before we start lets give you a straight heads up that whenever you feel the urgency please don't ignore it ( as some people do ignore it) it will lead you to constipation.
  • Its been suggested that you maintain five a day. Apple should be on the top of the list. Its not only rich in minerals but also high in fibre.Also it keeps away bad cholesterol (LDL) . Its fibres are both in soluble and insoluble which will help in your bowl movement.
  • Drink plenty of water. It helps flushing our body system. Also drinking  warm water 30 minutes before helps bowl movement to ease your constipation.Some herbal or easy access drink like any caffein containing drink will work as a lexative but careful don't take it too much. 
  • Fruits are usually going as a constipation remedy for a long time. Prunes is the oldest. high in fibre and also contains a chemical like dihydroxyphenyl isatin which gears your colon in motion for bowl movement. Also fruits like raisin which are full of tartaric acid works as a lexative.
  • Physical exercise is always been the key for a healthy body. It helps to consume and digest food properly.Not to mention the about fitness level increase due to exercise.
  • Every morning drink lemon juice. It helps.
  • Guava is top notch fruit as a natural remedy for constipation.Eaten with seeds eases the process of bowl movement.
  • Honey is always prefered by the doctors. It stimulates bacteria in intestine which attracts water and eases bowl movements.
  • Brown rice is a very good source of fibre. If you eat rice regularly you should consider taking the brown one.It draws water making your stool thick and wet.
  • There are also plenty of methods like meditation,spritual, other fruits, different kind of movement and exercise.
Many people will come up with many ideas and all of them could be different. Different continent of this worlds approach to home remedy varies.You should choose what you think will suit you better.Remember there is always a doctor who you can refer to.

Hope this helps.
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