Saturday, 23 December 2017

Natural Home Remedy for Glue Ear in Children

As a parent we get delighted when medical professionals tell us that our child is on target and doing everything they should be doing. That reduces our concern and make us feel better. But speech is one of them where it could vary and time frame could be anything. Medical professionals don't get concerned even if your child is not speaking any more that six words even when your child is diagnosed with glue ear.

First of all it is essential that you get a correct diagnosis as soon as possible and then do whatever it needs to be done. Writing from experience that your child had more than two ear infections, make sure that their hearing is OK. Don't think for a second that if you are talking to them and they are just standing right next to you but not responding, it might be glue ear not that they are ignoring you ( highly unlikely).

Best way to try and test this will be try to speak to your child by standing on their sides and do the same for both right and left sides(e.g similar noise/speaking). Chances are if they have any hearing problem, they will ignore you from whichever side they are affected.

Symptoms of Glue Ear:

  • Have difficulty in hearing/understanding people who are far away
  • Mostly tired/irritable as they have to concentrate harder to listen to and understand
  • Get distracted easily when you talking to them
  • Responds better with face to face conversations in a close range
  • communication barrier/ frustration/ delayed learning
  • Possible ear ache/pain
  • Problem sleeping or disturbed sleep

Glue Ear Home Remedy:

  • Research found that certain foods are behind some major allergies and intolerances. Specially milk and wheat based food. So it is important that you find out what it is that causing problems with your child's health and slowly replace them with alternatives.
  • Too many anti biotics leave our children's immunity to such a lower level that they can pick up anything from anywhere. Start using natural cure to build up internal immune system.
  • Consult with your doctor as your child may need simple operation called grommet insertion which basically removes any fluid in middle ear and putting a little tube to make sure any future fluids gets out easily instead of getting stuck. This will instantaneously change your child's life for better.
  • Try to make sure your child not getting any water in their ear while having a shower or bath. Cover them up with cotton mixed with vaseline. Vaseline makes sure that the cotton sticks and also work as a barrier even the cotton is wet.
There are many research happening to pin point why actually glue ear happens. Some came up with the idea that it is related to some type of foods, some suggested certain type of illness causes the glue ear and some unsure of everything. Whatever the reason is best thing to do will be a correct diagnosis and seek medical advice.