Thursday, 24 October 2013

Deep Vein Thrombosis Natural Treatment

Many of us travel by bus or plane which takes a very long period of time specially when the distance is very high. At that specific time period we sit in a very congested place as we don't have any other choices. Our feet stays idle for the whole period of the journey. This may lead to a very disturbing problem known as Deep Vein Thrombosis in short DTV. Statistically in every six thousands traveler who tends to travel over four hours, One gets affected with this  Deep Vein Thrombosis (DTV). Plane journeys are found to be more risky for DTV as people tend to stay idle for a longer period. Specially their feet which are stuck in a short space and stays idle.

Who gets affected with Deep Vein Thrombosis  & why?

  • In general whoever travelling over continuous four hours with idle feet may get affected. The risk is higher with people who has history of previous blood clot or who went under surgery in recent time.
  • People who have been idled for a long time due to illness or any other causes such as fracture or stroke sufferer.
  • Anyone who suffers from nerve pain or any kind of nerve related diseases are in high risk. Also people with the age over 60 or pregnant or over weight or smoker also may suffer.

Precaution for Deep Vein Thrombosis :

  • While traveling specially in a plane for long time, do some feet exercise which will allow your blood to circulate well in the veins. While sitting down, try to move your feet position every 30 minutes. Such as keep it straight for 30 minutes and keep it bended for next 30 minutes. Try to put pressure on your foot rest or on the floor with your feet and toes. Move your toes every now and then to keep your feet active.
  • Hold your feet up (Off the Ground) for few seconds. Do it in a cycle like every 30 minutes. It will keep it active and will stop clotting.
  • Try to walk in every one hour. If you are in a plane walk to the rest room even if you don't need it (every hour). If you are in a bus then make sure you use your feet while it stops for breaks.
  • Drink plenty of water. Try to to avoid alcohol, caffeinated drinks and smoking.
  • Don't use any sleeping pill while travelling. It will reduce your activeness.
  • Don't wear any tight clothes while travelling. Keep it simple and comfortable. Even if your socks feels tight, do take them off.
Finally in any condition do have a chat with your doctor. They will be able to give you case by case advice for a better long journey.

Caution: Blood clot may shoot towards lung blood line and get stuck. This could prove to be a life threat.

Hope this helps.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Diabetic Foot Pain Remedy

Occasionally you may feel a burning sensation between your toes and your feet in general. It could also be  pins and needles on your feet.You may feel numbness or even unresponsive sometimes on your feet . Some point in life people will have these type of feelings on their feet. It is a type of annoying and tormenting feeling. The reason for this may be mental stress. But in most cases the reason behind this types of pain are damaged nerves in the feet . Medical science terminology for this is known as Peripheral Neuropathy.

Neuropathy a major unwanted outcome in the long-term uncontrolled diabetes. Gradual increase of carbohydrate in blood sugar slowly destroys the nerves on your foot and creates this type of the symptoms . Kidney and thyroid problems , the lack of vitamin B-1 and B-12, excessive  alcohol ,rheumatoid arthritis may also destroy nerves in your foot and generate symptoms like Peripheral Neuropathy. Also some drugs may react with symptoms like this. Such as having some medicated isoniased in tuberculosis disease, chemotherapy  etc.

However foot pain is not always caused by nerves damage.Others reasons like

- Fungus infection on foot
- Mobility of foot problems specially blood movements on foot
- Women in menopause
- Excess anxiety or stress

What to do ?

If the burning sensation starts and continues to be worst then don't waste your time and consult with a doctor immediately. It doesn't take a lot to figure out that nerves on your foot is OK or not. Sometimes it doesn't even require medical testing to identify. Doctor can asses with a pin or even a tuning fork to assess your responsiveness on your foot. How your nerves are reacting to actions.

- Diabetes patients keep their blood sugar level under control  at the same time learn how to take care of your feet .
- Whoever have sore feet must treat it fast. Be cautious on using nail cutter or even selecting right pair of shoes.
- Be cautious on taking heat therapy on your foot for pain relief. Make sure you don't over do it and burn the skin.
- It is always not the vitamin deficiency. So taking vitamin supplements may not work in this case.
- Reduce anxiety and stress . Get medical attention if necessary .
- If you have Neuropathy (tested) then to decrease the nerve pain you may get some medication through doctors advice.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Eczema Cures Natural

Eczema is a type of skin disease. Normally when someone in the family has it, it could spread to the rest of the family. If you come across with the affected one, it might spread through using his/her stuff or even through a simple touch. It is a typical medical conditions which cause the skin to become  irritated or inflamed. Atopic dermatitis the most common type of eczema is known. It is also known as Atopic Eczema. Atopic refers to a group of diseases such as asthma and hay fever which shares similar allergic conditions.

Most common places for eczema:

  • It could be on your face, chest, back, on your wrist, knee, hands or even feet.
  • Eczema in babies below one year normally shows up on their face cheek and then it spread on rest of the face, chest and back.
  • Eczema in youth shows up on their knees, back and on elbow joint
  • For a grown up person it comes up on chest,back and face.
Symptoms of Eczema:
  • Affected place will be red and itchy. At some point rashes will show up.Skin will turn brown.
  • At some point itching will last for a long period of time and will get severe with its longevity.
  • Affected place will be dry and will lose its texture.
  • Some people will even suffer more with foods like egg, milk and coconut.
  • In babies eczema can create a crusting condition on the skin
  • In darker skinned people, eczema can change the complexion of the affected area like patches of dark or light skin
Eczema Preventive Measures:
  • Avoid using irritating soaps and shampoos on affected areas
  • Make sure it is open so air can brush over it easily. Don't let get frictions through hard clothes like jeans or scratched by any clothing.
  • Try to avoid foods like milk and dairy products
  • Get yourself stress free. This types of diseases are linked to stress.
  • Take shower or bath less frequently. Use warm water whenever you do.
Eczema Cure :
  • Use aloe vera products. They are the most beneficial for human skins. Many people found aloe vera effective in Eczema cure. If you have a plant, you can try using it on your affected area or look for natural products with aloe vera.
  • Use chamomile. It is proven to reduce your inflammation and itchiness.There are several ways you can use chamomile. Firstly, having tea made with brewing dried chamomile flowers in the boiling water.Secondly using essential oils made from chamomile flowers.
  • Try to use some organic coconut oil. It has proven to be very effective moisturizer on Eczema.
  • Try using some Evening primrose oil. It is very popular among the eczema sufferers. It reduces the inflammation and cures the skin at the same time.
  • Almond oil does the same thing like Evening primrose oil. 
  • You can also try for alternative medication like Homeopath. They are also proven to be very effective.

That is all for today.
Hope that helps.