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Restless leg syndrome treatment

Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment, RLS,

Restless leg syndrome self explains what is it all about. It is constant movement of your legs to find relief from   pains, twitching, burning, crawling, tingling and unease. Sometimes it is hard for someone to cope with this syndrome. Think this way when you are trying to sleep and can not due to Restless leg syndrome. It is thought to be 10% of the population suffers from RMS. People aged 50 or more are more vulnerable to have this syndrome. For women it is a common problem when they reach 50.

Reason For Restless leg syndrome:
There are no specific reason found behind RLS. But experts  suggests that it could be due to abnormal use of iron in brain. It is found that in most cases person affected with RLS have genetics issue as it runs in the family too. Also it is symptom that relates to so many other problems like deficiency, diabetes, end-stage kidney disease, Parkinson's disease, and even pregnancy.

Restless leg syndrome Home Remedy:

Home remedies are safe to try any time  It is better than taking tablets which could lead you to have side effects. Most of the time we don't think about it but in reality that's the way it works. Here are some home remedies you can try at home.

Exercise ( Walk ): Sometimes it helps to move around to get your attention off from RLS. If you can not sleep at night then try to have a stroll or do some minor house keeping to get rid of the uncomfortable pain. It will help to clam your legs and then you can go to bed without worrying about your RLS for a while.

Caffeine Consumptions: For sleep it is widely known that caffeine can affect your sleeping pattern. If you also suffer from RLS then it is suggested that you cut down on caffeine intake and it will help you for your sleep. Also alcohol and tobacco have the same effect. Try to reduce your consumption of those as well.

Some Medications: Some of the medication containing certain type of contents may worsen the symptoms. Such as anti nausea drugs, anti psychotic drugs, some antidepressants or even allergy medications containing antihistamines. So consult with the doctor before completely avoiding it.

Take a bath and wear socks in Bed:  Taking a bath or a massage relaxes your muscles. It helps to your restless legs. Statistics found that people suffering from RLS also get cold feet.So when you go to bed, it is a good idea to wear socks to keep your feet warm.

Proper Diet: Sometimes deficiency in your body could lead to a potential bad situation with RLS. It is thought to be that deficiency of iron, folate or magnesium contributes to your RLS. It is vital that you eat rich food which contains plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Therapy: It is tested that using temperature changes helps your body relax and feel good. It reduces cramps and relaxes your muscles. If you are a RLS sufferer then it a good suggestion for you to try the temperature changes therapy to avoid cramping.

Acupuncture: This Chinese techniques have all the solutions for your body. Consult with a Acupuncturist for a solution. It was found helpful in some cases.

Relax More: Stress doesn't help in any cases in your life. Try to to relax more if you are a stressed person. Take some herbal tea which helps for body. Also chamomile tea, valerian, kava, mucuna pruriens helps in relaxation.

That's all for the home remedies. There is is one more way people do get help. That is Homeopath medication. Just to let you know that people often feels better with this alternative treatment. Consult with a Homeopath Doctor if you feel you can trust on it. Because belief is half cure in any treatment.

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