Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Why do we lose hair?

Why do we lose hair? Without even knowing the real reason it makes us afraid of unknown. The question can make you ill and searching desperately for a solution. Lets find out what can cause you lose your hair. Basic reason to be identified was not taking care of your hair and lack of vitamins.

Lack of rich vitamins in our food:

Not enough vitamins going into our body through our food intake or even supplements. It could also be the opposite like taking too much protein like meat can cause hair loss. Other things can aid you hair loss are things like stress, not enough sleep, hypertension. Try to avoid meaty protein and start eating food that contains vegetarian protein like vegetables, fruits, salads. Protein rich food like nuts, peas, lentils should be prioritised. Also need to avoid staying up late at night.

Taking Care of you Hair:

If you ignore your hair by not caring for it , it will backfire. Sometimes we do think we don't have dandruff but you could be wrong. Scalp may have compromised by dandruff which we can not see, only thing we feel is itchy scalp. Comb your hair regularly. It energise your hair root and makes the blood circulation smooth and faster which helps your hair to be healthy. It stops your hair loss as well.

Pre caution for your Hair Dye:

Hair dye contains chemicals which sometimes are not good for your hair. You may need to take extra care for your hair if you use hair dye. Also check what kind of chemicals they are using.

Iron & Calcium for you Hair:

These two are important for your hair. During and after pregnancy you may start losing lots of hair. Best solution is start taking food rich in these two ingredients. Food s like vegetables, fruits, fish, milk and egg are rich in this two components. Drink plenty water everyday. It helps to keep your blood system fresh and your body fit.

Long term Birth Control:

If your taking long term birth control pills then then it may change the balance of your body hormones which may cause your hair to fall.Consult with a doctor if you think that is the case. Go for a hormone check atleast once in a year.
High Blood pressure, Diabetes, your weight plays a vital role. Keep all of them in control or due to them hair fall can cause.

Here are some general tips for better hair:

  • Don't go to bed with wet hair. It makes your hair root weaken. Keep your hair dry and fresh all the time as your scalp needs fresh supply of oxygen and air to be healthy.
  • Try avoiding hot sun or dust on your hair. It doesn't make them healthy. put cap or scarf while out in the hot sun or dust.
  • Try using some antiseptic in your bath. It may help killing all those germs residing in your hair root.Keep your hair instruments clean and tidy like comb, clip, band etc.
  • Before and after menopause you can start loosing hair due to hormone change. After menopause your body lacks hormones and to rectify that you may have to change your food intakes to obtain more vitamins and you also have to be more caring for your hair.
  • Constant use of same brand of products can cause hair loss. Try to change it once in a while.
  • Use hair dryer less as possible. It takes the natural shines out of your hair.

Hope all these helps. Hair is an important part of our life and it important that we take care of it properly.