Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin

''Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin'' this question atleast been asked by every women living in this planet at some point of their life. It could be due to their skin condition or may be weather which plays a vital role upon it.To be honest not only women who gets to suffer only but also men who also needs the helping hand of  ''Moisturizer''. Who in this beautiful world doesn't like to have a beautiful naturally glowing wonderful skin , which will eventually increase the confidence and comfort level of a personality. To get that point some people are ready to go as far they could reach. Makeups, surgery, injections you name it they wouldn't stop until they get what they want. By the time they stop , the expense has reached out of limits leaving the in debt.

Now the good thing is there is always a natural way. Think about time before all this, people do used to have natural glow by virtue of natural materials. Today we going to show you how effective and easy it is for better health and benefit of your skin.

Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin: 

  1. If you don't use olive oil, please do from now on. It is full of antioxidant and fatty acid which helps reducing wrinkles and makes your skin smooth, thin and lovely. Use it twice a day and you will have beautiful skin as ever you could get. People around you will certainly notice and specials ones can feel it as it is like baby skin.
  2.  Aloe Vera is something that the less you say about it the more it comes out in every scientific search. It is not only full of  antioxidant and amino acid but also a good source of enzymes, vitamins and minerals. The list doesn't end there it goes on to anti fungal, anti bacterial, anesthetic and more. But the most important part is that it stimulate cell productivity. Ultimately a better and beautiful skin.
  3. This one is a tricky one. Funny enough that 30 years back we used to use it as a normal course but since we switched to mineral oils. Can you guess? It is coconut oil we are talking abut. It is a true natural beauty. It really can do a unbelievable work on your skin. It will make your complexion glow. stop wrinkles, Smoothen you skin so soft , you will be like overjoyed.
  4. One of the best solution out there is tea tree oil. It is easily available and used for various reasons as there are so many good things about it. For skin it main purpose related to cellular which in turn makes your skin smoother. Also everybody knows that how good tea tree oil is for black heads removing. All in one it is a very fine material for dry skin treatment as a Moisturizer. Oh yes make sure you don't use it straight. mix it up or it could cause irritation.
  5. This one in known by everyone and it is honey. Think abut how honey is created. amazing process similarly it works on your skin like that.Mix 1 spoon honey with 1 spoon avocado and add half spoon milk with it. Mix it till it gets smoothy. apply it on your skin ( it is good for facial skin too) and leave it for 10 minutes then wash up. For body you can mix honey with olive oil for maximum benefit.
  6. Sunflower oil makes your skin healthy. It has few benefits. first of all it is absorbed by your skin easily and doesn't block your skin pores. It has anti ageing material which keeps your skin healthy as young.It has great features like anti bacterial capability, prevents acne, Moisturizer, and making your skin smooth.
  7. For body almond oil is one of the best a Moisturizer. It gets into your skin deeply and smooth it out. It works perfectly with your skin vitamins and acids. But remember some people sensitive so before you use it check your tolerance level.
  8. Rose water mist, the smell it self can knock anyone out as it is beautiful. men will be like mad when they get close. It is easily available. Put 20 drops mix with water (8 Ounce) and spray it during the summer day. It will keep your skin fresh and beautiful. And attract men like honey bees.

All these are good solution but there is something you should consider for yourself. The things you should do and things you should avoid.
  1. Do not use excessive soap as it will dry your skin out and take out natural material.
  2. Chemical products you using everyday life will ultimately damage your skin in long run.

Hope this helps.