Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Chronic Fatigue Home Remedy

Chronic Fatigue (exhaustion) sounds harmless but in reality it can make any ones life a living hell. You will feel so helpless that everything start to feel like an enemy to you. Your family, your partner, your children , anyone around you. It is not because you want them to be but because of your fatigue. It can be caused by many things. And results unimaginable lifestyle change which you barely can control. Anyone seen the film machinist played by Christian Bale. If you haven't i suggest you do. It is a perfect example of exotic outcome of chronic fatigue.There he got it through not sleeping at night. Good Film. Lets move on to how you can get it?

Just to mention Longer term occurrence of  chronic fatigue is known as CFS (Chronic Ftigue Syndrome)

 General Fatigue is caused due to normal life physical or mental activity , which are overflowing than usual. But for CFS there is no apparent reason found till now. So it is impossible to pinpoint the actual reason behind this Chronic fatigue syndrome. Many of the experts expressed their thought about it but none of them are conclusive with evidence. Still they are experts reasoning, which are

  • Factors such as your genes. Human body is complex so it could be .
  • Brain abnormality. It also could be running in the family chain.
  • Viral infection, eg.  bacterium Chlamydia pneumoniae (which causes pneumonia and other illnesses)
  • Emotional Conditions or Psychiatric causes.
  • Also suspected plenty other diseases like HIV,Liver disease, Thyroid , Malignancy, kidney problems and more.

Fatigue is mental as well as physical. Its effect is extreme when both this elements get combined.
  • You don't feel refresh after you wake after your sleep. You feel as tired as you were before going to bed.
  • This tiredness is different from usual tiredness. e.g.when you come home after gym or office.
  • It is not like loss of motivation. You may misunderstood the difference of depression oriented motivation loss.
  • Short term poor memory. Loss of organisation skills, speaking problems like loss of words or onot coming into rhythm.
  • Muscular pain, joint pain, bodily pain,stomach pain.
  • Light sensitivity. intolerance to loudness, alcohol and more.
  • Psycological problems such as depression, panic attacks which are noticable more.
  • Sleeping problems etc. Which doesn't make you refresh at all.

Home Remedy for Chronic Fatigue :

Ginseng: It is famous throughout the world. It helps you to increase your vitality and also help you to handle stress. It gives your physical strength and boost your ability to do your work. Mental stamina increase helps you to increase performance.

Foods: Start taking foods full of minerals and vitamins. Vitamin C rich food increases you immune system power which in turn helps your body system defend harder. The more you take the better the body defends infections and diseases. Foods like Lemon, tomatoes, guava, papaya, mangoes, pepper and plenty more.

Carotenoid : The red, yellow and orange pigment found in most fruits and vegetables are known as Carotenoid . It is a powerful anti oxidant. It scavenges free radical and destroys them. Carotenoids help to enhance immunity significantly. Food sources are: carrots, tomatoes,watermelon etc.

Reduce Toxin: Experts suggest that balanced diet will help reduce toxin in your system and will lead to reduce chronic fatigue symptoms. Supplements like vitamin D, omega 3 oil with low carb diet will help you to reduce toxin.

Herbs: Echinacea is an herb that you can find in tincture or supplement form. This herb helps to ward off infection. It gives you quick energy boost and help fighting fatigue. Magnesium helps to fight weakness and stress. It helps to reduce any body pain. It can be found in leafy vegetables, nuts and whole grain food.

Fruit Juice: Fruit juice are always known for stamina booster. For fatigue Grape fruit juice or lemon juice after a long day of work helps you to relax and fight fatigue by generating quick energy.

Others: Lets talk about something different. A bath can help you to fight fatigue. It is always know for a refreshing technique. 

10 drops lavender essential oil
4 drops rosemary essential oil
3 drops peppermint essential oil
1 cup sea salt
1 cup baking soda

Fill the bathtub with warm water. Mix sea salt and baking soda and add essential oils. Shake well to combine, and add just before entering the tub. Stay in for 15 minutes, and finish with a cool shower to energize your body and refresh your mind.

Apart from this you will find plenty more remedy going around. Choose wisely. In any case if you don't feel ok please do consult with a doctor.

Hope this helps.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Mosquito Bite Swelling & Allergy Home Remedy

Mosquito bites are like a terror threat to them who already knows the after effect. Little creatures like these are so much neglected that they can cause damage which could lead to a life threat. That's the extreme case but to start with think about the allergy and swelling it causes. I know what you thinking... how on earth we miss them sucking our blood and ungratefully leaving us with irritating itch and swelling. Each year about 700 million people somehow suffers with symptoms and diseases caused by mosquito alone.

 One fine morning you wake up and find small papules  or lumps on your skin and usually very itchy, General perception is that its a insect bite. Mosquitoes are normally very active in the time of dawn and dust. If you are sleeping or focusing on something like tv , there is the time they will come and conquer leaving you in beginning of sufferings. They do cause in cases
  • Bruises
  • Blistering
  • Itchiness
  • Swelling

 these are the preliminary stage but if your are unlucky it could lead to malaria, dengue. Also there is a good chance that due to excessive itching or swelling could leave a good scar on your skin.

Things to Know:
Not all mosquito bites you. Its only female ones who are eager for blood. It could be human or animal. They need blood to keep their reproduction process. Male mosquitoes are normally live on nectar and flower.Every different species have their own way of biting. Dengue fever  inventor mosquito aedes are normally feed on day time. Malaria ones are usually night time hunter. Some of them find human blood more attractive than animals. And list goes on and on. Lets come back to swelling and allergy.

Home remedy for Mosquito bite Allergy:

Tea Tree Oil:
Any kind of infection or itch, tea tree oil is the best. It will lessen you painful itch. Also stop any kind of infection unless virus already in your blood.

Herbal Solutions:
Some of the herbal components are anti inflammatory and also contains anti itching substance. For example crushed basil in lime juice will do the trick. Also freshly-cut onion, lemon juice, calendula ointments and witch hazel creams can be directly applied to the site to reduce the pain, swelling and itching.

Apple Cider Vinegar:
For quick pain reduction Apply Apple cider vinegar. It works most of the depending on individual tollerance.

Apply ice or frozen vegetables bag to mosquito bites directly to stop histamine from infiltrating your skin.

Mix with water and then apply to affected area for a quick relieve.

Banana Skin:
It works as a anti inflammatory. Apply it for a natural relief.

Tooth paste:
It has come up with plenty of user review that using it gives a soothing relief. It helps to stop the itchiness.

Soap and Water:
 It washes off the affected area and makes sure not any germs are sticking around on your skin. Prepares the affected area for application of  home remedy.

You will find plenty more remedy going around. Choose wisely and what you think is suitable for you. In any cases if you thing there is more than to a mosquito bites please do consult with a doctor.

Remember prevention is better than cure. Here are some tips to avoid mosquito bites.
  • Wear long sleeves to keep cover if possible.
  • Use mosquito net over bed  for a tension free sleep.

Hope this helps.