Saturday, 28 November 2015

Natural Remedy for Tennis Elbow Pain

You may wake up one morning with terrible pain around your elbow after a tennis match or awkward sleep position or even a sports day. It could be anything to hamper your normal arm to a nagging painful arm. It is just outside of your elbow and you will feel it every time you try to pick up a pen or even trying to open the door by twisting the door handle. If those are not enough then you will also feel it when bending your arm or carrying shopping bags from super market.

In medical term it is known as Lateral Epicondylitis. The structure around your elbow joint is   muscles surrounded that move your elbow, fingers and wrist. The purpose of tendons around elbow are join the bones and muscles together. It allows the muscles of our forearm to move the way we want to move in short gives us control.

  • Weaken wrist specially when you have to lift something. You will feel it most when you have to lift something in an awkward position.
  • Pain while lifting or grasping
  • Pain while stretching arms
  • Pain while doing normal activity of life
  • Main pain area is just outer side of the elbow.

Home remedy for Tennis Elbow:

According to Doctors it may last from 6 months to 2 years. There is no specific treatment for it apart from let it self heal. If the pain is unbearable then they will suggest taking painkillers, such as paracetamol to reduce the pain for short time. In extreme cases you may require surgery. 

But you can do things at home to heal it quicker. such as

  • Do not stress your affected arm the way normally you do. Take precautions and rest your arms a lot. For example don't pick heavy things, if your work relates with computer then make sure you resting it properly while working.
  • Massage your affected area with certain oil like avocado oil, calendula oil will help reduce the pain even it is inflamed.
  • Also check you are having enough vitamin rich foods to strengthen the bones and muscles
  • Certain exercise can help the healing process quicken up. Consult with a physician for best course of exercise.

There are some quick remedies if you also have inflammation around your elbow.

  • Hot and cold compresses help to get rid of the pain and swelling quicker
  • Use some Arnica Oil and massage it on affected area
  • Even if you don't have anything simply apply gentle massage on affected area and it will help you relief pain
  • You can use your warm beanie bag for pain relief
  • Use counter force bands for pain relief and healing known as tennis elbow brace
  • Ginger tea 2-3 times a day helps to reduce inflammation.

There are many remedies you can try at home. No specific one is a best practice but it is more like what suits you best. Consult with your Doctor for best diagnostics. For self therapy or massage techniques you may find youtube handy as many doctors or physicians have submitted techniques online as a video guide.

Interesting fact is it may known as tennis elbow but it is not cause by playing tennis only. The reason could be anything you can imagine.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Natural Food to reduce Stress and Anxiety

Sometimes without thinking we  just eat to forget about our stress and anxiety. At the same time it doesn't apply to all. Some people simply stop eating due to stress as they don't feel hungry when stressed. But it is true that certain type of food can help you to reduce your stress level. Many Scientists have said previously that if you have good control over your diet and body then you have a good control on everything. To be able to achieve that one needs to have a good habitual diet. Here are some few foods which can help reduce your stress and anxiety.

Cashews: Cashew nuts are counted as one of the best source for linolelic acid (LA). It helps to reduce your blood pressure. It also contains oleic acid which helps to keep you blood vessels clean and reduces risk of heart diseases. Finally most important component is zinc which keeps the entire nervous system of the body clam and healthy.

OAT:  Oat is a very healthy food item. It is full of fibers and provides many sort of vitamins to human body.It helps create serotonin in the brain which is a good anti oxidant. It has been noted as one of the component which makes you feel good. Regular intake of Oat can lead to a alltime feel good mood.

Oranges: We all know how good Oranges are for human body. It is full of Vitamin C. Whenever you are tired, a little bit of orange juice can freshen you up in no time. It helps to reduce cholesterol level in your body which in turn reduces the risk of heart diseases. It also helps to keep your kidneys healthy. A healthy body always helps to keep a healthy mind.

Garlic: It is full of anti oxidant and helps the body to keep away from many diseases. In stressful time body tends to get vulnerable and prone to many germs. Regular intake of Garlic through various foods makes the defence system strong. In stressful time one tends to have high blood pressure. Garlic helps to control the level of blood pressure.

Walnut: Walnut contains many important components like linolelic acid, omega 3 fatty acid and many other poly-phenol. All these helps to increase your thinking power and helps to reduce stress. It is easily available all over the world. Having once in a while can really strengthen your mental fitness.

There are many other natural food components available which can help us to reduce our stress in day to day life. A healthy body can fight anything. Those little things can help us grow healthy and stronger in our everyday life.